Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher

There are different types of fire extinguisher for different classes of fire risk.

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Fire Extinguisher Training

Fire Extinguisher Installation, Testing and Certification

fire extinguisher trainingAn extinguisher is one of the many effective fire deterrents available. We offer different types of fire extinguishers for different levels of fire risk.

We provide quality products and we make sure to supply, install, test, refill and certify them. We ensure that they work well to keep your premises secure. You can always talk to our friendly consultants to clarify any of your concerns.

We supply, install, service and certify the following types of extinguishers:

- Dry Chemical

- Foam

- Carbon Dioxide

- Wet Chemical

- Water type

- Extinguisher refills

- Fire Blankets

We have all kinds of fire extinguishers for all types of buildings. We make sure that each product delivers high performance by testing each and every one of them.

With us, buying an extinguisher is easy. Whether it is an affordable fire extinguisher or one of premium quality, we have it all. We offer small 1Kg and 4.5Kg up to 9 kg or larger units.

Types Class A Fire Class B Fire Class C Fire Class E Fire Class F Fire
Wood, Paper, Plastic Flammable and combustible liquids Flammable gases Electrically energized equipment Cooking oils and fats
Water Yes No No No No
Foam Yes Yes No No No
Powder(ABE) Yes Yes Yes Yes No
c02 Limited Limited Limited Yes Limited
Wet Chemical Yes No No No Yes

Our installation is compliant to AS 2444. The extinguishers we supply are also compliant to Australian Standards. We offer different kinds of extinguishers for different scenarios. A CO2 extinguisher is more suitable with electrical fire, whereas a dry chemical extinguisher is for other cases such as fire caused by combustible metals or flammable gases. We also supply and install different sizes of fire blankets.

We are a compliant fire extinguisher business that strives hard to simplify our customers’ needs. Do you need quality fire deterrents? Do you want informed personnel in case an accident occurs? Call us at 1800 799 147. You may also email us at

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