Fire Service

Fire Service

Fire Service is a routine requirement and Fire Safety Services is of paramount importance.

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Fire Service

Fire Safety Services

fire serviceDo you need a good fire service for your company? Here at SPS Engineers Pty Ltd, we make sure you get quality services for your workforce at reasonable rates.

Fire service is a routine requirement for every building.  It is of utmost importance. Australian standard requires all fire equipment and component to undergo routine inspection, testing and maintenance. The frequency of inspection and testing starts from weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual. There are also other higher routines to carry out at 3, 5, or 24 yearly intervals.

fire service sydneyWe can offer good maintenance services to make sure your property remains secure and well equipped in case an accident occurs. Apart from making sure your fire systems are of top quality, we make sure they fit the requirements of our buildings. It is our duty to inform and educate clients about the importance of having fire systems in the property.

Another fire service we offer is developing a reliable emergency evacuation plan. We develop this specifically to suit the individual occupancy. We value your safety and well-being and encourage those who do not have these procedures to consider having one for their work environment.

Our specialists perform fire system maintenance at regular and prescribed intervals. This guarantees our systems work when needed most. We have SPS Engineers who can arrange the regular maintenance of your fire service. We also manage your needs for the duration of the service arrangement. You can ask our personnel any questions. We make sure we can give you answers to help you secure your property.

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